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Entry #57

A plot twist

1/14/14 by Schizo-Sephy

Oh man. Not expecting this. My ex contacted me and after a long talk I asked her, "Do you think we'll get back together?" and she said "Probably." so things may be fetting better again. I got a new laptop and won a free 50 inch TV with it. I also got out of the Hellhole that is McDonald's now I'm working at Wal-Mart. I know not much better but trust me it is. Maybe my life will be getting on track? Hopefully Lol. All I need now is to get over my writer's block and i'm doing good.

Yeah, I haven't posted much ASFR so here we go again!


Mmmm May, you're my favourite pokegirl1621143_138975639072_DawnandMayPetrified_zpsc2e82e35.jpg


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13 days ago

well you got of mcd's thats good you don't have be stuck in that place and at least wallmart is more decent good luck.
also tits :)


3 weeks ago

is that you in the picture?
if yes you look badass.

3 weeks ago Schizo-Sephy responds:

The avatar is of me, yes.

Wtf Bro,
you've had it all along.
Nice pic, BTW.

3/8/14 Schizo-Sephy responds:

Thank you and also thank you about the pic.
its Beautiful picture isn't it