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Bad Night

2016-06-10 23:59:00 by Schizo-Sephy

Oh man guys tonight was awful.

Normally I get through working with no problem but tonight reminded me why I usually don't do Friday Night Shifts.

So I got into work, I was scheduled to work at three.

At this point I had had only four and a half hours of sleep, so I drank some Monster and had another one to get me through this shift.

The manager told me to wait to clock in.

This might not seem like much but I hate going all the way to work only to sit and wait thirty minutes doing nothing and not getting paid for it.

So this was a miniscule problem I didn't care too much.

When I finally clocked I got started on the prep that the manager was not able to finish.

Not many orders were coming in at that time, so it was relatively easy.

So then the secondary cook arrived about two hours later.

He's a cool guy most the time, but he's new so he's a bit slow still.

Almost like it was on cue when he clocked in shit hit the fan.

We're getting tons of orders popping up, simultanous calls.

That's not all as if by some asshole joke an auditor came into the store.


We're busy and since the other guy and I haven't been trained on calls yet the only other person there who can take calls is the manager I have to go to her station. (cut table)

I'm relatively new to cut table and have had minimal training on it.

I can still do it when it's slow, but when I have people watching me i get nervous and do stupid stuff.

The auditor had hawk eyes on me like a heroin  addict when they spot a syringe.

So I'm nervous as balls but I did fine.

So after the first rush I was put on make table, I'm slowing down since I'm getting drowsy from lack of sleep.

That's not good since friday is the busiest day of the week for us.

I quickly gulped down some Monster in hopes it will revitalize me.

I'm feeling sick from too much sugar because my dumb ass didn't eat anything before my shift.

Go back to work, about two small rushes hit.

Right as the closing cook clocks in, the customers rammed there pulsating cocks in our asses with a bombardment of orders.

The closing cook is sometimes a dick and a superb minimalist.

Holy shit, we fall behind.

Not only that but we start running out of ready dough because someone didn't fucking prep last night.

Low and behold it was the closing cook.

So I'm trying to get shit done and the other cooks are fucking around.

Closing guy making fun of the way I talk, and other stupid shit.

I'm trying to keep up myself but we're getting overloaded.

Closing guy laughing at the fact that I take my job somewhat serously.

Then the manager walks over and bitches all of us out for not working fast enough.

Well I'm fucking trying I can't fucking help it because I say italian sausage weird somehow.

This is when I go into shut up and work.

about half an hour later the rush ends...

So damn tired and livid, I have an angry expression plastered to my face.

Finally after twenty minutes of busywork the manager says I can go home.

I immediatly clock out and walk straight through the door.

Fuck that.

I was fucking done.



I'm into some pretty fucked up fetishes guy, like this.




I hope I'm making progress

2016-04-20 00:28:01 by Schizo-Sephy

Hello Newgrounds family

Moving on.

I've decided to take a creative writing class, as I don't think my writing style is on par with anyone here really.

It's a free class but it's supported through my local library so, that means it's good right?

Anyway I have posted tidbits of my writing here with very little feedback...

Er, hmm, hopefully if my writing improves and I post it here I'll get more feedback.

Also I might take an art class cause I wanna learn the basics so I can eventually draw some acceptable manga.

Hey, maybe I can make my own manga series incorperating my writing?


So all in all I think I'm making at least a little progress so I can get out of the outhouse that is my life.

As per usual heres a ASFR pictured.

1621143_146112636651_p0.jpgShe owned my dick when I was young.

Now she'll be my trophy

All the Haters

2016-02-26 10:29:50 by Schizo-Sephy

So it's come to my attention that my old best friend's girlfriend has been talking shit about me and spreading rumours.

Now I'm losing people I care about are leaving me because of her.

Apparently Tony (my old best friend) mad and thinks I'm liberal because I'm anti big government.


Yeah, you read that right, makes a whole lot of sense.

Man people are fucking dumb.


Yeah so transformation fetish.

I sure am weird.


Lol Rosalina is peeing.

I really REALLY hate Winter.

This time of year my emotions go totally out of whack.

It's really tough on me and yet every year this happens.

My home life has become increasingly volitile and I can't really leave since my job won't support me and I'm deathly afraid of driving.

It started several years ago when I got hit by a bus.

A fucking school bus.

I tried to drive several times and attempted to get a license bot failed each time.

Since then my anxiety has increased to the point where I don't even like being in a vehicle.

Pretty pathetic I know...

Anyway now for some positive stuff.

I love my job at Pizza Hut and the majority of the people there are really cool and nice.

This is the first time I had a job where I'm one of the guys, not the creepy guy.

Once the next semester starts the college guys there want me to hang with them at Buffalo Wild Wings Thursday nights, which is really cool cause I feel that I can develope friendships which is exteremely difficult for me.

So yeah I might have a new group of people to hang with since I was basically tossed aside by my old friends.

Basically this time of year is hard for me but maybe it won't be as bad as usual this year.

Thanks for listening.

Peace out bros.


Moving on I guess

2015-11-21 23:51:49 by Schizo-Sephy

So I guess havingno friends isn't that bad.

For one thing I don't have to go out to the bar three times a week.

I don't like drinking so thats fine.

In other life news, I'm saving up to go to college so I can get a degree in one of the many IT fields.

I'm not sure on a definitive one yet.

Now that I work at pizza hut more I can actually have some spending on stuff I want.

Anyway I plan on doing my first fanfic andit will be on Xenoblade Chronicles X, it's called "Xenoblade Chronicles Unite"

Of course I have to play the game a little before I start writing it.


It's the main reason I got a Wii U.

Also not enough sex stuff on my blog lately so heres something new.


Tump tumptump, indeed

Took a big hit tonight

2015-09-10 22:33:56 by Schizo-Sephy

I have literally lost everyone of my friends. Tonight my last friend told me to no longer talk to her. She was the last friend I had. I feel like I'm being kicked when I'm already down. This came with no warning. out of the blue she said, "stop talking to me" I'm cut deep. It's been real damn hard and this just kills me more. I can't take this I don't know how to deal with this. I don't want to keep going it's too hard. I just want to disappear.

Hey guys

2015-07-15 20:37:09 by Schizo-Sephy

Sorry to alarm any of you with my previous post. I got a lot of people responding me to help me. Even @TomFulp messaged me. After talking with many people and my doctor we got me back to normal well asnormal as I get lol. Thank you all for being here for me. This site is truly my favourite and the people here are awesome. Thank you all. You guys have a great day.

It's been real guys

2015-07-13 02:02:01 by Schizo-Sephy

this is probably going to my last entry on this site.

I've been going through some stuff in real life. I'm not well in any sense. I have not been well for a while now but I have had the will to keep fight for a false hope that maybe I could find somesort of happiness or even to merely just fit in but it's gone now I cannot fight anymore I'm to tired and weak I'm broken. I'm sorry for those of you that care. I intend on ending my life in the next coming days. maybe by some miracle of God it won't happen but that's up to the forces that be.

I guess this is goodbye.

Love you guys.

I'll  be seeing you in the next life.

Fat Recluse

2015-04-20 23:39:30 by Schizo-Sephy

My depression is getting the best of me.

Moved my Wii U up to my bedroom.

Reorganized my room to make it feel more "me."

Got a desk for my laptop.

Don't feel like talking to people in the real world.

I'm getting fat due too lack of activity and bad diet.

It's really hard to diet when I have no job cause I eat when I am bored.

My closest friends are possing me off.

I don't feel like talking much to people anymore.

Getting sick of the same old shit.


I'm so tired....




A little treat

2015-03-12 20:38:52 by Schizo-Sephy

So I've been working on a fight scene the last two days.

It is incomplete but I suppose I should share it with you.

It has to do with two of my main OCs.

The typical Sephy alonf with his brother.

Corey is actually based on my brother Cory.

I gave him a personality similar to that of his real personality added a little of Zant-like speech (The legend of Zelda: Twilght princess.)

The ASFR picture is after the story...

              “You brought this on yourself, Sephy. It was always about you. Mom and dad adopted you. What did they do then? They completely ignored me. Always dealing with your damn problems. I had problems too! I got beat up daily in highschool. I started doing drugs!! Then after all the love they gave you… You killed them. Out of a goddamn temper tantrum. They’re dead now… Where’s the justice? You walk a free man while my life fell apart. I spiraled down into a depression that I will never leave. The only way to possibly get out of this is bring you to justice you goddamn monster.” Corey yelled. “Do you remember… Do you remember what the fuck you did to me? When you killed mom and dad? You fucking tore off my face. Now I have to wear a damn mask so I don’t scare people. I know you fucking thing you’re on a mission from God but all you are doing is running. Running away like the coward you are.”

              “Corey, you know damn we—,“ Sephy said

              “Don’t even start that bullshit. ‘I can’t control it,’ ‘help me,’ ‘I’m so sad,’ get the fuck over it.” Corey shouted. “You’re not the center of the universe.”

              “I’m sorry I didn—“ Sephy was cut off once again.

              “You’re not sorry… You don’t care about anything other than your ambitions. I can’t let you hurt more people I just can’t.” Corey said with his voice getting lower, “If no one else can get rid of you… then I have to. I’m not sorry. Are you ready brother? Are you ready to burn in the pits of Hell?!” Corey’s voice escalated to a high tone, an almost psychopathic screech.

              Corey firmly grasped the great sword he had sheathed on his back. The blade was seven feet long with the word “MARTYR” glowing and resonating in a deep purple. Each letter pulsating as if the blade itself flowed with it’s own Stream energies. He lifted his heavy blade easily with his right hand and pointed the tip of it at Sephy.

              “This is where the madness ENDS!!!!!!!” Corey screeched at ear piercing levels.

              Corey swung the MARTYR back and charged at Sephy at a break neck speed. He lined up a strike to cut straight through Sephy’s waist. As Corey barreled at him, Sephy summoned the Benevolence just in time to clash blades. The MARTYR struck the Benevolence so hard that it literally shattered Benevolence like glass. The MARTYR then sliced deep into Sephy’s waist. Corey pulled back his massive sword over his head and with a maddening force, as before Sephy summoned the Malevolence right as the MARTYR bore down unto him. The amazing force of the MARTYR annihilated the Malevolence. Sephy was just able to dodge his head out of the way of the wrath of the MARTYR. This said, he was not unharmed. The blade easily cut straight through his right arm severing it completely.

              “HA HA HA HA HA” Corey cawed like a high pitched bird. “This is it? Is this all you have?! Where’s the power?!”

              “I will not kill you… However if needs a must, I will disable you.” Sephy said.

              “Ha, now you play the modest card. Remember back when we were kids? You always were such a glory hog.” Corey shrieked. “I’ve already blew up your special weapons and cut off your arm. And I’ll cut off all your shadow arms too.”

              “Heh, have you forgotten? I can regenerate myself easily. I won’t need shadow limb to fight you.” Sephy said.

              “Grr, cheap tricks. That’s what you are. Nothing but a trick.” Corey responded with his voice pitch lowering to that of an average male’s level.

              Sephy’s severed are evaporated and his wounds healed leaving no evidence that anything had happened.

              “Even if your body can recover you have no weapons to fight me with.” Corey boasted triumphantly.

              “My weapons are one with my body… They recover as I do.” Sephy said.

              In a flash Sephy summoned both swords and made a mad dash at Corey. He jumped into the air and swung a flurry of slashes at Corey. Corey however, easily maneuvered the MARTYR in front of Sephy.

              CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG!!!

Each strike was absolutely a lesson in futility. Sephy reversed his motion and moved backwards. Corey took advantage of this jumping at Sephy Slashing at Sephy striking Sephy’s chest. The attack sliced Sephy’s ribs. Corey then maneuvered to strike down Sephy.

              “THIS IS IT!! THIS IS WHERE YOU DIE!!!” Corey screeched in his high pitch voiced returning.

              The MARTYR shot down at Sephy.

              “I can’t die… I can never die…” Sephy’s words echoed in Corey’s head.

              The blade stopped mere millimeters from Sephy’s head.

              “What are you…?” Corey asked.

              “What do you think I am?” Sephy asked.

              “All I see is a monster.” Corey responded

              “I am what you see… I am a monster.” Sephy said as he slowly put his on the sharp knife-edge of the MARTYR. He pressed his pointer finger against the blade and slid it down slicing the tip of his finger in half.

              “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Corey said.

              “As you said brother… I’M A GODDAMN MONSTER!” Sephy burst out.

              Sephy Swiftly tossed his foot into Corey abdomen, throwing Corey back a few feet as well as causing him to drop the MARTYR. Sephy kicked away the Sword and walked up to Corey. Corey lunged at Sephy unleashing a powerful punch square in Sephy’s nose. Sephy’s glasses shattered revealing Sephy’s eyes.

              “So those are your eyes now. So dim, so sad, so pathetic.” Corey sneered.

              “What can I say? Story of my life!” Sephy yelled bounding at Corey.

              Sephy punched Corey across the face, to which Corey responded by roundhouse kicking Sephy’s face