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Dreamin' yeah

2015-02-06 05:26:57 by Schizo-Sephy

So every so often when I don't take my medications and I have some pretty interesting dreams so here it goes.

Be aware that I'm putting this together so it makes sense.

I am in a paranormal recon group that has been dispatched to a secluded hospital with Tony.

Before entering the hospital we were briefed on the situation, Tony turned to me and said, "Nothing new here just gotta kill them all."

So right from the start I know that in the dream I had been in the recon group for at least awhile and this was not an isolated incident.

We entered the hospital in two groups of six.

Me and Tony's group moved into one of the patient rooms.

In this hospital the patient rooms were only seperated by movable walls, so essentailly it is a long hallway with beds along the wall.

Shortly after we entered the room we made contact with our targets.

Out of the floor these horridly skinny thin boned tall humanoid type things morphed out of the floor.

They didnt like break through the floor they weren't zombies I want to make that clear.

One thing I remember is that these things had big bald heads not as big as those of the stereotypical "Grey" alien.

The still had very human faces just with sunken eye.

Now that I think of it (And I don't mean this to offend anyone by this.)

They looked a shit load like World War II concentration camp prisoners except these things were lively like there bodies were designed like that.

As soon as they started rising we opened fire on them, they bled...


One of my fellow soldiers said we got Whites.

So now we know what the things were call "Whites"

Since they rose out of the ground somewhat slowly we were able to eliminate most threats but the ones that made it out were trouble.

Not only were the quick but the were powerful when they opened their mouths they let out high pitched screams.

I remember one of the white grabbed one of the recons but before it could really do anything we killed it.

After Whites die they turned to dust.

After the confrontation was over me and Tony moved ahead to the door at the end of the room.

thats when we heard more of the high pitched screams.

The rest of the group that were at the entrance engaged more Whites, but this time we weren't so lucky.

I remember seeing one of my fellow recon troops get his arm torn off the White then bit it's teeth into his neck.

It was clear they were outnumbered, Tony turned to me.


We scrambled, broke through the door and ran hearing yelling and gunshots from behind. We ran down the halls, there were no Whites we were aware of.

Eventually we got to one of the exits.

We rushed out of the door and caught our breathes.

We knew we needed to meet up with the other group, our communications were dead.

"What now?"

Tony asked me.

That's when I saw her.

She was different from the other Whites.

She was Shorter and had a huge circle on the front of her head it was red similar to inflamed skin.

It didn't make sense cause Whites bleed white.

Luckily she wasn't aware of us yet.

I told Tony to stay back and I crept up behind her.

I brandished my knife leapt at her and drove my knife into the back of her neck.

Well I would have but as soon as my knife made contact with her skin it vanished.

The White grabbed me and threw me back.

Tony opened fire on it but the bullets would disappear right when they should have hit.


That's when I woke up I fidgeted got up went to the kitchen drank some water came back and eventually passed out again.


I then was at an airport from what was told to me by people at the airport was, that it was five years later and the world had gone to Hell. The airport was a safe have that was protected for the most part.

I figured out that every other member of my recon group was dead and that Tony was never found.

I wanted to believe he was alive but I knew better.

Then to my surprise one of the civilians said,

"Why don't you check on your wife she worries about you."

My wife's name was Victoria.

She was a bit thicker about ten pounds lighter than me.

Not gonna lie I like girls with some meat on them.

I walked up to her she smiled we hugged and kissed.

From the conversation we had I found out I had a daughter named Dot.

Another thing was I was a scavenger recon troop.

I would go out with a group and search for resources for the airport.

It had been three years since the airport was converted into a colony and resources around it were getting scarce.

Not only that but the airport was getting overcrowded.

But I felt this is nothing new this is my life now.

This is the world now.

I also saw my three year old daughter.

Turns out the pregnancy was an accident as Victoria said.

"I couldn't hold my load"

I felt even if Dot was an accident I still loved her.

Fun fact my cat in real life is named Dot, weird I know.

At this point in my dream I felt I can deal with this.


I woke up again went to the bathroom I had to pee. I stole a piece of string cheese out of the fridge because I'm a dick like that. laid down once again and dozed into dream land.


At the airport it was like a small town so there were a lot of different people and there were a lot of kids.

In my dream I was in my housing area minding my own business when a call for scavenger recon went over the loudspeakers.

I kissed Victoria and patted Dot on the head.

I knew that everytime they called us it could be the last time I see them.

I met up with the group it was an emergency.

It was a group of children they had wandered across the bridge into the dangerzone.

I assume the jackass gaurd fell asleep but that's beside the point.

We quickly got our gear and went searching.

This is where it gets hazy so I can't go in detail here sorry.

We tracked the children and found them but on the way back Whites attacked us.

One of the scavengers got a huge gash up his arm but no one died.

We made it home and all I remember is coming home to my family kissing my wife, and thinking,

"This is my life now it may be scary at times but as long as I have my family I have a reason to keep fighting."


That had to be one of my favourite dreams


Anyway ASFR as usual!

At least this cutie has a friend!


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